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Bild des Benutzers Polgara

Heritage Night [Erinnerungsnacht]: Aktualisierung der Veranstaltung

Viele Grüße, Forscher!
Nur eine schnelle Aktualisierung zum Terminplan der Heritage Night. Die aktuelle Veranstaltung wird die jüngsten und andauernden Veranstaltungen in der Höhle behandeln. 
Komm dazu an diesem Sonntag, dem 16. November, zur üblichen KI-Zeit um 13:00. Es wird in der Heritage Night's Hood stattfinden. Jeder ist eingeladen vorbeizuschauen in dieser neuesten Diskussionsrunde.
Das HN Team freut sich darauf dich dort zu sehen.
Ort in D'ni: 
Heritage Night's Hood
Datum des Anlasses: 
16. November 2014 - 13:00
Eingetragen von: 
Jamie Marchant
Bild des Benutzers Polgara

Was geschah in Spokane - Mysterium 2014 Zusammenfassung

For all those people who couldn't make it to Mysterium, the annual fan-run convention for Myst and URU, here's a summary of what you missed (just like us actually).


Freitag, 1. August

Cleft Location Research Panel  (Ausschuss zur Erforschung der Lage der Spalte)
Ainia arbeitet seit langem daran, die Lage der Spalte herauszufinden und hatte dazu ein großes Thema in den Myst Online Foren. Beim Mysterium gab sie eine kurze Zusammenfassung ihrer bisherigen Erkenntnisse und beantwortete kurz Fragen. Ihr könnt die Zusammenfassung und die Niederschrift der Fragen und Antworten hier lesen und das Thema im Forum hier.


K'laamas' sprachkundlicher Vortrag über D'ni

K'laamas hatte es geschafft, einige weitere Wörter von Richard "RAWA" Watson bei Cyan zu bekommen und präsentierte ein paar neue D'ni Wörter. Es gab auch einen Handzettel mit ein paar D'ni Redewendungen für jeden Besucher. Wenn Ihr Interesse an der D'ni Sprache habt, schaut bei der Guild of Linguists (Gilde der Linguisten) vorbei. Weiterlesen

Bild des Benutzers Nev'yn

Heritage Night: Cavern's Reopening to Present Day

Jamie Marchant is excited to announce the launch of the new version of the well-known Heritage Night!

Starting December 15th, 2013 at 13:00 KI-time, that Sunday will kick off a monthly retelling of the major events which have occured during the history of Uru Live. The current event series will focus on recollections of events that have occurred since the cavern's most recent reopening back in February 2010 to the present.

The first session of this redesigned Heritage Night will include the following:

  • Greetings & welcome to both old and new explorers
  • Historical narrative by Jamie Marchant, a special guest, and/or both
  • Chat and questions concerning the storyline.
  • A related activity/field trip.

Anyone can attend, thus allowing new explorers to hear stories they "myst", while veteran explorers can "take the trip down memory lane". This first session will also end with a Q&A for new players.

Jamie and your fellow explorers look forward to seeing you there!

Ort in D'ni: 
Heritage Night Hood
Datum des Anlasses: 
15. Dezember 2013 - 13:00
Eingetragen von: 
Jamie Marchant
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Open Source Christmas Party Hop

Update 1: The Guild of Messengers will be sponsoring the party in MOULa on December 21st...with Doobes as your host!

Join us as we celebrate the holidays in style on all of the open source URU shards... just like in the "good old days" of Until Uru! We'll hop to one of the three major OS shards each week of the season. Get your avatars ready (and put your Santa hats on) for the Christmas Party Hop. Watch this thread for updates from your favorite shard administrators and guilds. A little birdie told us that we might even have a visit from the ever elusive large man from the north. smiley

The Open Cave: Saturday, December 14th, 13:00 KI / 20:00 UTC (Note: This will be on the MOUL shard)

MOULa: Saturday, December 21st, 13:00 KI / 20:00 UTC - Hosted by the Guild of Messengers

Gehn Shard: Saturday, December 28th, 13:00 KI / 20:00 UTC - Hosted by the Guild of Writers

For information on installing and troubleshooting each shard, consult the links above!

Ort in D'ni: 
The Open Cave, MOULa, Gehn Shard
Datum des Anlasses: 
Wiederholungen jede Woche bis zum Di. Dez 31 2013 .
14. Dezember 2013 - 13:00
Eingetragen von: 
Adam "Hoikas" Johnson
Bild des Benutzers Lyrositor

All Guilds Meeting - September 2013

Yet another All Guilds Meeting is over - and this one, clocking in at just under three quarters of an hour, might just be one of the shortest AGMs in recent history. Even though Doobes, everyone's favourite AGM moderator (at least when that handsome devil of a co-Guild Master isn't around...), was absent due to real life reasons, Lyrositor was able to serve as a substitute for the duration of the meeting. As usual, if you missed the meeting (or if you don't trust your memory), our chatlogs are available here, both raw and cleansed; if you don't feel like going through logs, you can also read our brilliantly written summary (currently being submitted as a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature):

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara (formerly known as DLordOfTime) was first to present for the newly-reformed Guild of Linguists, since the old D'ni Linguistic Fellowship (DLF) has been inactive for quite a while now. He wishes to continue the old guild's work on the languages of the world of D'ni (D'ni, Narayani and Bahro). You can check out its website here (currently being expanded by Kath). Weiterlesen